You're welcome...

Thank you. Vintage Pink (and Modern Pink, too) want to thank you for a few things. Without you, our friends and customers, we're just a couple buildings filled with thousands of cool retro, Danish, mid-century, industrial and vintage treasures. Owners Kevin & Heather, along with 22 of Portland's finest and most-experienced vintage dealers, have built something we're proud of. We love this.

But who cares what we think? This is for you...about you...and, most importantly, it's about all of us discovering (or re-discovering) the beauty in fine craftsmanship, great design, and timeless fashion.

Simply put, they don't make 'em like they used to. That's a fact. And we have devoted our lives to bringing you the style and function of yesterday into your life today.

So thank you. You have helped keep us strong for several years now. And now we have two stores for you. Let's see...should we go for three?

Oh, and you're welcome. You are welcome to come on in anytime and take a stroll. Tell us what you like, share a story or two. Tell us about that chair you used to have. Tell us about that dress you want to have. Or just tell us a good joke.

So thank you AND you're welcome.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dressed to the nines...

Conventional wisdom dictates that one can never achieve perfection in dress and style, hence "dressed to the nines". On a scale of 1-10, Vintage Pink dealers rate a 9. Unless we throw conventional wisdom out the window. Then they'd be a 10. Come on in and pick your poison!

Hem those trousers...

Here's a beauty! This Singer sewing machine works 100% and simply oozes mid-century style. Perfect form and function meet in this amazing slice of mid-century American craftsmanship. $229

Available at:

Modern Pink
8128 SE 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wowie Zowie, Jackpot!

Help us get the word out to even more people. Yelp about it!

Vintage Pink

Modern Pink

Here's a few who already have:

"Modern Pink contains a focused collection of mid-century era objects and not just a rambling assortment of dust-covered debris. If you've been looking to deck out your 1958 split level modern home with some authentic furniture and knick knacks, then this is the place to get them."  Kevin B., Portland, OR

"This store is awesome. Especially for good quality vintage furniture! I always find something amazing in this store. From vintage 60's playboy to beautiful dresses to owl nick-nacks that I can't live without!"  Gina C., Portland, OR

"The furniture was all unique and retro but in good shape and had its own super cool character.  If this place was in the city we live in - we'd own a lot of cool stuff from here."  Ellen M., Sacramento, CA

"When furniture dies and goes to heaven, you find it here."  Devon H.,  Portland, OR

"wowie zowie, jackpot!"  Anne N., Portland, OR

And the winner is?

wowie zowie, jackpot! thanks Anne